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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fall 2013 Book Signing


The Wolf of Britannia.Wolf of Brittania


I just completed a preliminary review of the copy of the manuscript I received from my book doctor/editor of the novel. I would up making another entire copy which I will use to write my notes upon and make the changes she suggested. This rewrite will be slow going because I want to get this one "right." She said that I did a "fantastic" job rewriting the novel by strengthening the characters, streamlining points of view and enhancing the dialogue. However she included a four page overview that addresses issues, e.g. voice, direct thoughts of Caratacus and Porcius, expressions/reactions in the narrative, etc. She said if I address these topics using her suggestions I will take this novel to a "whole new level" that will this "engaging" novel even stronger. So, I have a lot more work to do. I hope to finish the rewrite by the end of December, but it might not be completed until sometime this spring.


The Sign of the EagleSign of the Eagle


I am in the process of setting up book signing dates this fall for the Pacific Northwest area. It will be a mix of my usual Hastings stores along with the new addition of Barnes and Noble. So far, three Barnes and Noble stores (Federal Way, Spokane Valley and Woodinville, Washington) will be arranging events for me. I was asked by the community relations managers, the people who arrange book events, at Olympia and Tukwila, Washington, to check back with them July 23rd and 24th respectively to see if they can arrange events at their stores as well. Because there are no Hastings stores in the Seattle/Puget Sound area, it was important for me to get my book into Barnes & Noble for purpose of exposure in those areas. That is where four of the five stores mentioned are located.


The Broken LanceRoman Calvaryman


Although I have not rewritten any more chapters (I have completed 52) I do continue to read what I have written to two writers support groups, The Spokane Novelist and Spokane Valley Writer Groups. Last Saturday I read chapter 35 to the Spokane Novelists and will read next Sunday to the Spokane Valley Writers chapter 48. There is a discrepancy between the two groups reading wise because I started reading this novel to the Spokane Valley Writers first. However, the Spokane Novelists are the tougher of the two groups and give me a broader and deeper critique. I may have to continue rewriting additional chapters in the future in order to have something to read to the Spokane Valley Writers Group.


New Book Signing Schedule Fall 2013 Book Signing Schedule


Check the book signing page for my new schedule. So far, I have lined up eight events including three at Barnes & Noble. More will follow.


Apartment Living in Ancient Rome Part II Roman Apartment Insulae


Check the Ancient World Page for the latest installment of Apartment Living in Ancient Rome,

part II.


That is about all for now. Until next time, Salve et Vale! Hail and farewell!


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